A lightweight photo gallery with EXIF commments

Mintphoto is a photo gallery script that reads captions from EXIF comments rather than use a database. A web interface for selecting and captioning photos is included. Keyboard shortcuts are implemented for quick navigation. The script is implemented in PHP.


  • Dependencies:
    • Mintphoto is a PHP web application. You must enable support for PHP in your webserver (mod_php, CGI, etc.)
    • The php-exif module for PHP is required. This is probably a package in your OS.
    • mod_rewrite is required for the administration interface.
  • Check out the Git repository for the latest code.
  • Copy the code to your web directory.


  • Configure new photo galleries by creating new files in the config directory.
  • After creating a new gallery, use the thumbify script to generate the thumbnails.
  • Make sure that you've configured your .htaccess file to correctly restrict access to the administration interface.
  • To enable the administration interface, your photos and the directory containing them must be writable by the web server.
  • To view a photo gallery go to /<mintphoto>/<gallery> (<mintphoto> being the path you installed the program to. The administration interface is at /<mintphoto>/a/<gallery>.
  • To show a photo gallery in the index on the front page edit the index config file.


  • Implemented by modifying the stylesheet. See style/ for examples.