Driver Reference

for alpine-backup

April 2012


Mount drivers consist of two functions mountfs and umountfs, which are called before and after backups, respectively. Here is some boilerplate code for these functions:

function mountfs($user,$server,$volume,$point)
   #Code goes here
    return($return); #Returning FALSE stops backup

function umountfs($user,$server,$volume,$point)
   #Code goes here
   return($return); #It just generates a warning here.

NOTE: Mount driver files must have names ending in -roo or they will not be called.

Mount Driver List

Name Description Builtin
nwfs Mounts Netware filesystems Yes
mysql Dumps MySQL databases Yes
startstop Starts and stops services for backup Yes
fail Returns FALSE (debugging) Yes
groupwise Takes NSS snapshots No
oracle Dumps Oracle databases No
cifs Mounts over CIFS No
mysql-multi Dumps all databases (MySQL) No
sqlite Dumps SQLite databases No
wol Wakes up machine for backup and then halts it No
slap Dumps OpenLDAP directories No